Everlast Sheds in the North West

Everlast Sheds

Here you can see one of our top quality Everlast garden sheds. These sheds are built to last and made of extremely heavy duty felt cladding (18mm-25mm) and include drip beading on the door and windows, as well as corner beading.

The sheds measure 6'.3'' to the eaves and 7'.9'' to the point, our prices range from:

  • 6x4 £405
  • 6x6 £461
  • 7x5 £511
  • 8X6 £616
  • 8x8 £693
  • 10x6 £700
  • 10x8 £867
  • 12x6 £910
  • 12x8 £1036
  • 20x8 £2450

These sheds can also be made to any style or size upon request, meaning you can get a long lasting and highly durable shed to suit any of your needs, just give us a call to find out more. We also have Pent and Hi-pex styles available.

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